Service Exchange or New?

At Applied Radiators we hold a comprehensive stock of New & Service Exchange units for the majority of commercial vehicles.

We remanufacture radiators & intercoolers wherever possible, however there are a number of parts that are only supplied as a brand new unit.

So, what are the differences….



COST – A remanufactured radiator or intercooler can offer big cost savings against the cost of an OE manufacturers unit.

AVAILABILITY – Modern trucks now have long service lives, however new parts may not always be available or even cost effective. At Applied Radiators we hold a large range of remanufactured stock & we also offer a ‘Recon & Return’ service.

QUALITY – We remanufacture the radiators & intercoolers in our own workshop using only quality materials, as per our ISO9001:2015 procedure. ‘Ready to fit’ products & quality are our main priorities & our remanufactured units come with exactly the same guarantee as a brand new unit.

RECYCLING – The old unit will be remanufactured in our workshop. Remanufacturing uses less energy, fewer materials & saves on waste, benefitting the environment.



COST – A new aftermarket unit will still offer cost savings against an OE manufacturers unit, however this will be on a smaller scale.

AVAILABILITY – We hold a number of brand new units in stock. In the event of it not being in stock we aim to supply the next working day.

QUALITY – At Applied radiators we only use suppliers that provide high quality products. On certain applications such as the Volvo FH/FM Euro6 radiator & intercooler range, our stock is made by the OE manufacturers supplier. Our other stock consists of products from our trusted suppliers.



There is little difference between a new & a service exchange unit, apart from the level of cost saving against an OE manufacturers unit.
Both of our new & service exchange units come with the same guarantee.

We are aware of cheaper, inferior quality ‘new’ radiators & intercoolers on the market. We have seen some of these ‘cheap’ units & to quote an old saying… ‘You get what you pay for’.

If you need a radiator or intercooler for your commercial vehicle, whether it’s a brand new unit or a service exchange item, get in touch & we’ll be happy to help.