Cooling System Maintenance

Cooling system maintenance is something that is sometimes overlooked. However, maintaining the cooling system is paramount to the optimal running of an engine.

Due to exposure to varying temperatures, the cooling system can undergo significant wear and tear and many parts can fail. Failure to undertake regular maintenance can turn a minor problem into an expensive one. For example, a clean & overhaul or even a new radiator may seem expensive, but that pales in comparison to a complete engine rebuild, or even a brand new engine.

Externally, if the cooling fins are loose, breaking down or even missing this will affect the radiators ability to effectively cool. More often than not this is dismissed, especially when the radiator isn’t leaking. However, this can lead to issues with the vehicle overheating as heat is dispersed through the surface area that the fins provide.

Internally, it is vitally important to properly maintain the coolant/antifreeze within the cooling system. Flushing of the system & renewal of the coolant/antifreeze should be done according to manufacturers intervals as over time, the coolant/antifreeze can start to break down & become harmful to the cooling system. Also when renewing the coolant/antifreeze, making sure the correct amount & the correct type used is just as important. Again, refer to the manufacturers guidelines.

If the cooling system is dirty, internally or externally, it is recommended that it is cleaned & tested. Externally, any compacted dirt and debris will not only be restricting the airflow, it could also be hiding other problems, such as leaks. Internally, if the system is contaminated then the coolant flow will be restricted, potentially leading to overheating & any further, even more serious problems.

Pictured above is a Kalmar core which was almost completely blocked internally with very little water flow through it & also a large area of the cooling fins had broken down.

Pictured below is a cooling pack which came in to our Stoke workshop for full cleaning & assessment.

We offer a full cleaning & testing service on radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers & complete cooling packs with all our findings are reported back to the customer. For more information on this, or any other of our products & services, please get in touch.